Traces AIR Antwerpen

Alex Frost

May 2010 to Jul 2010
1973 lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland

Alex Frost's recent work is a cuckoo's egg carefully laid in the art world nest of British middle-class values and aspirations. This quiet subversion relies on a superficial formal conservatism matched with an apparantly non-confrontational selection of themes and subjects, but these seemingly innocent choices ultimately undermine the social conventions that make their existence possible. In Frost's work there is none of the brashness of Young Britisch Art, none of the faux-punk rock styling of the US New Wave, no concessions to Relational Aesthetics or to more recent revivals in art market-friendly slacker expressionism. What there is, instead, is a difficult and specific attempt to subvert existing genres and to underline particular historical contradictions , or transformations.

text by Will Bradley