Traces AIR Antwerpen

Saskia Holmkvist

Sep 2008 to Jan 2009
1971 Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden

Over the past few years, Saskia Holmkvist has been engaged in an ongoing artistic research into the relation of the politics with the media and their authenticity and credibility through different forms of communication. The artist has an approach to these topics through different disciplines from video to performances or social processes and she employs conceptual and methodological points of view borrowed from artistic and academic practices such as journalism, theater, documentary and psychology.

Saskia Holmkvist uses to invite people from different proffessional fields -such as people working with voice over in documentary film, mediatrainers, psycho-therapists and job-recruters- to establish a framework where a meeting leads to an exchange of knowledge or even to a conflict of interests. These situations are represented in her films later on. She has also dealt with the role of the interviewer and the interviewee within different proffessions.

She was invited for the following solo-exhibitions (a selection): Shaped by Time, The

National Museum, Copenhagen, 2012; In Character -solo, Borås
Konstmuseum, 2012, Role Control, Kabelfabriken-HIAP-Helsinki/ Solo,
2011; Oslo/Solo, Henie Onsted Art Center, Oslo, 2011. A selection of her
group exhibitions are: University, Bergen, Norway, 2012; Soft Manipulation,
3,14, Bergen, Norway, 2009; Strategies of Confidence, NICC, Antwerpen, 2009;
Tense Territories, Santralistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 2008; Good Gangsters in Town,
Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan; 2008.