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Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé: Peeks of Past Sheets of Present

Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé: Peeks of Past Sheets of Present
Sunday 21 August, 2pm – 9pm
Diesel Project Space, Chaussée du Sart-Tilman 22, 4102 Liège
until Thursday 25 August 2016, by appointment

During a residency of three months in AIR Antwerpen Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé prepared a solo exhibition that takes place at two different project spaces in Antwerp and Liège. The first chapter: Peeks of Present Sheets of Past is shown at Diesel Project Space in Liège. This project space takes place in an abandoned gas station and is initiated and organized by visual artists Xavier Mary and curator Noémie Merca. With his exhibition Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé questions the nature of collaboration and site-specificity.

At the opening event on Sunday concerts take place by accou (live), Carrageenan (live), Cepren Synth (live), Fyoelk (live), Hydra & Nyx (live/dj set), Jante Alliage (dj set), Naej & Erreip (dj set) and Ssaliva (dj set).

On Thursday 25 of August the exhibition moves to the AIR Antwerpen project space, where the second chapter of the exhibition opens the same night.