Traces AIR Antwerpen

The Cabinet of Traces

The Cabinet of Traces is the third chapter in the perennial archival project AIR Traces. It oversees the residencies and activities between 2013-18. The Cabinet of Traces is a collection of 73 traces, consciously left behind by artists in residence, existing out of objects, drawings, artworks, letters and clothes. The publication mimics a catalogue of an ethnographic collection and thus includes technical details such as: catalogue number, material, size, title and name of the artist. Every trace has his own story. The Cabinet of Traces remembers these stories, but also nurtures new ones. The collections continues to grow with the reactions of future artists and residence and readers.

Participating artists: Fritz Welch/ Malthe Stigaard/ Caner Aslan/ Nina Könnemann/ Arin Rungjang/ Ella de Burca/ Ryan Siegan-Smith/ André Romão/ Mounira Al Solh/ Francesc Ruiz/ Pedro Barateiro/ Philip Janssens/ Darren Roshier/ Ilaria Lupo/ Naneci Yurdagül/ Post Brothers/ Stine Marie Jacobsen/ Bhagwati Prasad/ Rumiko Hagiwara/ Mathilde Du Sordet/ Harry Heirmans/ Claire Liengme/ Fabian Rouwette/ Antoine Van Impe/ Laure Prouvost/ Nicholas Hoffman/ Savage/ Shaun Gladwell/ Dennis Tyfus/ Laurent Dupont/ Simon Feydieu/ Joris De Rycke/ Rasmus Søndergaard Johanssen/ Yan Tomaszewski/ Serra Tansel/ Baptiste Croze/ Mike Cooper/ Reg Carremans/ Edgardo Aragón/ Bianca Baldi/ Victoria Wigzell/ Luis Lázaro Matos/ Lennart Lahuis/ Lodewijk Heylen/ Alberto García del Castillo/ Ani Schulze/ Mirte Van Duppen/ Alice De Mont/ Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé/ Ania Soliman/ Bisan Abu-Eisheh/ Augustas Serapinas/ Stefanie Pretnar/ Chantal Peñalosa/ Elen Braga/ Pages/ Leda Bourgogne/ Paky Vlassopoulou/ Romana Drdová/ Tom Castinel/ Sidney Aelbrecht/ Eva L’Hoest/ Line Boogaerts/ Ksenija Jovišević/ Bruno Zhu/ Tomáš Kajánek/ Arnaud Eubelen/ Stijn Van Dorpe/ Hemant Sareen/ Maurice Doherty/ Luisa Ungar/ Geger/ Nicolas Valckenaere. Texts by Alan Quireyns, Koen Sels and an interview with Clémentine Deliss.

APE # 113

AIR Antwerpen/ Art Paper Editions

11 × 18 cm, 224 p, ills colour,

paperback, dust jacket

ISBN 9789490800888

edition of 500

50 copies include an insert by Meryem Erkus and 200 copies include an insert by Gary Farrelly

Price 18 €

editing & concept

Alan Quireyns

editing & translation

Lee Preedy

Graphic design



Albe de Coker Antwerp


Pieter Huybrechts


Clémentine Deliss, Alan Quireyns, Koen Sels

With the support of

Flemish Government and the City of Antwerp