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STRT Kit #4: We're this and we're that, aren't we

STRT Kit #4: We’re this and we’re that, aren’t we
In this exhibition works by artists Jeroen Bocken, Chloë Delanghe, Céline Mathieu, Ans Mertens and Puck Vonck share a time and a space, just like their makers have shared time and space since the beginning of their STRT Kit residence in January 2018.

We’re This and We’re That, Aren’t we? takes its title from a painting by American painter Ed Rusch from 1977, featuring the same ambiguous statement. Adding to the sense of multiplicity, Ruscha painted these words several times, at several occasions, in different color variations, and on different sizes of canvas and paper.

This use of layered concepts and the diversity of deployed materials are also present in the exhibition. Artists, more than anyone else, show us that the world is full of (often unexptected) meaning, and that the things surrounding us are not always what they seem. Their choices are thoughtful, and their interventions are precise.

As always, this exhibition too is a moment in time, halted for a while. Together with curator Samuel Saelemakers the artists have created a sensuous space in which their work, their thinking, and their vision come to the fore. Conceived of as a landscape, the exhibition holds a number of individual pieces, and is broadened by a horizon of other object collected by the group.

This group show is part of the fourth edition of STRT Kit, an international program supporting emerging visual artists based in Antwerp. Organized by Studio Start with the financial support of the city of Antwerp and the Flemish Government, in collaboration with Kunsthal Extra City, AIR Antwerpen and H ART magazine.