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The Living Room: Koba de Meutter

The Living Room: Koba De Meutter
Wednesday 7 february, 5pm-9pm, The Living Room, Kielsevest 23-25, 2018 Antwerp

In 2017 AIR Antwerpen organized in collaboration with R.A.T a residency of one month for a Belgian artist in Mexico City. Visual artist based in Belgium could apply through an open call. Out of all application for this first edition, visual artist Koba De Meutter was selected for the residency.

During her stay in Mexico City Koba De Meutter spent the biggest part of her time in the streets of the huge metropolis. Various undecipherable symbols, occasional encounters and various forms of independence inflicted by the daily life in this city, affected Koba De Meutter’s practice. She worked on a series of interventions in public space and orientated herself through the use of a self-made map. Her stay in Mexico City took an unexpected turn with the earthquake on 19 September and the continuation of her residency at Casa Wabi, a residency program on the coast of Oaxaca.