Traces AIR Antwerpen

The Living Room: Stijn Van Dorpe & Tomáš Kajánek

On Wednesday 22 March at 5pm Stijn Van Dorpe and Tomáš Kajánek occupy The Living Room. Both artists participate in a residency of six months in AIR Antwerpen (January – March 2017) and the MeetFactory in Prague (April – June). Their presentations offer an insight in the activities of both artists during their residency in Antwerp, through the use of the scale model.

Stijn Van Dorpe produced a scale model in tropical wengé wood of an exhibition room of the arts centre Z33 in Hasselt. There the artist collaborated with students of painting – and decoration techniques of the technical high school in Hasselt. Together they painted the whole room in an imitation marble technique and spent one night there, sleeping. The students were paid per slept hour and the noises of the night were recorded. At the finissage of the exhibition musician Maja Jantar composed a soundperformance out of these sleeping noises. Also for this presentation the scale model will be activated through a soundperformance by her. In the same room Tomáš Kajánek presents his most recent film ‘The Last Step for the Consecration of the Union between a Man and a Firearm’. In this film Tomas shows the production of a firearm through the use of a 3D printing and manuals found on internet. Through this way Tomáš Kajánek focusses on the democratization of manufacturing and how this leads to a new scenario for our society.