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Lodgers#4: School of Missing Studies: Chapter 3

Please join us for:
A particular site as a lens for speculation in 3 Chapters, organized by School of Missing Studies (SMS) for Lodgers 4 at MuHKA and AIR Antwerp, with Bik Van der Pol, Kym Ward, Huib Haye van der Werf, Sol Archer, Dirk van Lieshout, Wiebe Eekman, Jeroen Verbeeck, Anja Isabel Schneider, Common Room, Fucking Good Art, Ellen C. Feiss, Gia Abrassart, Iffy Tillieu, Christian Hansen, participants of Piet Zwart Institute, and others (SCROLL DOWN FOR PROGRAM)

January 4-16, 2016
Could the desire for the fully automated movements of goods also be a desire for silence, for the tyranny of a single anecdote?’ (Fish Story, Allan Sekula) 

From January 4-16 we will embark on reading-, scriptwriting, - and performance workshops, departing form the harbour as a plethora of disparate languages. Each stage in the reception, processing and distribution of goods comes with its own syntax, vocabulary and infrastructure. Each of these languages also has its own history and evolution.

We will be looking at the coded communication between ships, the harbour master, dockworkers - but also at the PR language used to present the ideal harbour; the programming language of automatization, the human language of formal and informal labour protest, and the gaps in the story that the colonial leaves.

Accumulated, this Babel-like situation marks a point on the evolution of the harbour, one that offers an insightful opportunity to investigate the many facets of its influence and breadth. For some, automatization threatens the future of the voice(s) that the harbour can speak with – traditionally the setting for interaction and tales of fantasy. For others, the future harbour is a utopian site where humans are emancipated from the location itself, leaving the harbour silent and speaking in inaudible code.

Participants are invited to participate and engage in a collaborative process incorporating the many disparate languages with which a harbour ‘converses’ - working on a speculative narrative that takes place in the harbour of 2050. Departure points for this narrative are silence as a political imperative of infrastructure, and the role that silence will play in the future harbour both in its human and automated state. In proposing that the future harbour may be silent, we'd like to increase the volume of the stories, which must be told now.

Monday January 4
13 h: first explorations harbor by bike, starting from AIR

Tuesday January 5
10-13: reading workshop (3 texts, see readinglist), Jeroen Verbeeck and Anja Isabel Schneider on their phd research: Sekula's Ship of Fools/Docker' s Museum
location: MUHKA
14-17: reading workshop (3 texts, see readinglist) , Ellen Feiss 
location: MUHKA
20 h: screening The Forgotten Space (2010), Allan Sekula and Noël Burch
location: AIR

Selections from the following texts will be discussed in the reading sessions with Ellen Feiss, Jeroen Verbeeck and Anja Isabel Schneider:
Keller Easterling, Zone: The Spatial Softwares of Extrastatecraft…/zone-the-spatial-softwares-of-…/ 
Keller Easterling, Park, in: Enduring Innocence: Global Architecture and Its Political Masquerades, pp. 99-122. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2005.
Stefano Harney and Fred Moten , Fantasy in the hold, from: The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning & Black Study…/Harney-Moten_Fantasy-in-the-hol…
Allan Sekula, Fish Story, in:

Wednesday January 6
10-13: Kym Ward (10-10.45): discussion text by Kluge. Kym Ward and Huib Haye van der Werf(10.45-11.30): Presentation/display inventory, discussion; Gia Abrassart/Iffy Tillieu (11.45-13.00): introductory presentation 
location: MUHKA
after lunch: bike tour on on the colonial history of Antwerp, with Gia Abrassart/Iffy Tillieu and guide Michel de Sadeleer

Thursday January 7
10-17: harbor tour with Wiebe Eekman (limited seats, contact

Friday january 8
10 h: Talk: Contradictions of Harbour Imaginaries from Below, by Rachel O'Reilly
location: MUHKA
13-17: workshop 1. script, 2. visual, 3. strategy for dissemination. Planning production; advises scriptwriting Gia Abrassart/Iffy Tillieu
location: MUHKA 

Monday January 11
11-18: working on 1. script, 2. visual, 3. strategy for dissemination
AIR and/or other locations

Tuesday january 12
11-18: working on 1. script, 2. visual, 3. strategy for dissemination 
MUHKA and/or other locations

Wednsday January 13
11-15: working on 1. script, 2. visual, 3. strategy for dissemination
MUHKA and/or other locations
15 h Sol Archer, Dirk van Lieshout, presentations, tbc
location: MUHKA

Thursday January 14
independently working on 1. script, 2. visual, 3. strategy for dissemination
MUHKA and/or other locations
evening: filmprogram compiled by Jeroen Verbeeck
location: MUHKA

Friday January 15
production 1. script, 2. visual, 3. strategy for dissemination. INSTALL, run through, general rehearsal
MUHKA and/or other locations

Saturday january 16
final performance, exact time to be announced
MUHKA and/or other locations

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