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AIR TRACES: Austruweel

Opening - AIR Antwerpen - 4 pm

AIR Traces: Austruweel is a group exhibition that brings together artists and AIR residents from all over Europe and the world. The first edition explores traces as an element of identity. The artists interact with AIR’s immediate environment, questioning the border of where the City of Antwerp merges with the harbour - starting at the Red Star Line Museum and ending at the derelict St John the Baptist Church in the former village of Oosterweel - a vast area characterized by its ambiguity, without definition, on a fault line. What impact does the environment have on the residents? And how does it influence the work that they provide?

Itinerary / AIR Traces, a site-specific exhibition, provides a route that combines the exhibition venues with the rich history of the area. The works are located in the immediate environment of AIR Antwerpen. On foot you can experience the rich history of the area, however; cycling is an ideal mode of transport to explore the art trail. The locations are open to the public and free of charge. Organized tours introducing the various works to explain the thinking and production of the artists are provided for a small fee.

Participating artists: Bisan Abu-Eisheh, Mounira Al Solh, Paul Becker, Jonathan De WinterReg Carremans, Chloé Dierckx, Laurent Dupont-Garitte, Carla FilipeShaun Gladwell, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Ria PacquéeKarl Philips, Savage and Dennis Tyfus.

Program opening / AIR Traces - AIR Traces: Austruweel kicks off on Saturday, September 6th. All locations are open to the public from 4pm onwards. Visitors are welcome to pick up the map of the trail at AIR Antwerpen. 4:30pm - performance by Jonathan De Winter with Phil Maggi, Philippe Cavaleri, Gill Koekelmans,Thomas Dardenne & Geoffrey. 5pm - start of the guided tour by curator Alan Quireyns with a performance by Emma Lesius of texts written by Paul Becker. 8:30pm - performance by Jonathan De Winter with Phil Maggi, Philippe Cavaleri, Gill Koekelmans,Thomas Dardenne & Geoffrey. At 9pm the bar opens at AIR Antwerpen.

Presentation / AIR Tailor Made - In close collaboration with the residents, AIR Antwerpen has programmed several public events entitled AIR Tailor Made. Bisan Abu-Eisheh, Carla Filipe and Savage will give an insight into their artistic practices by converting the physical space of their studios into words. AIR Tailor Made is one of AIR Antwerpen’s periodical engagements, allowing the artists in residency at AIR to present their work to the public. The interaction between artist and public is an essential part of AIR Tailor Made and in a certain sense influences the institution’s identity. These public events are initiated by the artistic director of AIR Antwerp, Alan Quireyns. Admission is free, and the events will take place within AIR Antwerpen’s premises.

Curator’s statement

Map AIR Traces: Austruweel

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Images © Ted Oonk

Graphic design © Renée Simons

The exhibition is funded by the Province of Antwerp and sponsored by TOTAL, Image Building and Vedett.